Saturday, July 24, 2010

flickr and some new videos

So if you aren't a friend or family member of mine on flickr, you need to be (well, that is, if we have a personal relationship!).  I'm trying to get all my old videos of Cara and Micah posted, and there are some super cute ones.  That girl loves to dance!  ALL. THE. TIME!  I'm glad we're sticking with dance and not switching to gymnastics (though we have another free trial class on Monday).  She dances to every song on the radio, music that's on tv (and boy have they been watching more of that the more Eric is away and the bigger I get!) :), and then she asks for certain CDs of theirs.  Oh, and they both love to sing!  So here are some videos (hoping they work) for your enjoyment!

Our little daredevil, Micah Man

Here is cute video from Eric's mom's house.  Uncle Greg is playing music (I think Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Cara and Micah are singing their own song ;)

I'll have to get the rest of them uploaded, but for now, enjoy!

Oh, and I see the background has disappeared, hopefully I'll fix that one of these days :)

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