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Dance Recital 2010

Oh where to begin.  (Note, there are a bazillion pictures in this post, if you click them, I think they take you to flickr where you can see the larger copy, if you're my 'friend' on there).  Originally I was excited her dance recital was Saturday at 1 pm vs. the Friday and Saturday night ones that were at 6 (they last almost 3 hours).  Because, I figured my girl would be exhausted (even though the 1 pm was right as nap would normally start).  I learned however at the dress rehearsal (at 6 on Tuesday night) that she was so giddy and excited that she would have been fine!  Unless it's during nap and she's tired and hungry (I fed her before we left, but I wasn't the mom on the ball and didn't bring all these snacks--detrimental to her AND me!).  So, we got there early (Eric and his mom and sister got there an hour before us to save seats, it's hardcore out here in Katy!), my sister came in the back with us and we got her in her first dress. 

Then we took her out to our seats to see Daddy, Nana and Aunt Amanda.

Then it was back to the dressing room to wait.  This is where I could tell things were going downhill.  Not at first mind you, at first she colored with her ballerina friends,

(and can I mention for a mom who doesn't do hair well, and for a daughter who has the curliest fro you can imagine, that bun looks pretty good!!!) :)

then she spent some time twirling in her poofy dress,

then all the girls figured out there was a princess movie on at the other side of the room, so they sat down for awhile and watched. 

Then she got up, came to me and told me her tummy hurt. 

Ok, not good, so we sat down and I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom

Right about then they called us back!

They let me walk back stage with her (they are hard core about no parents back there) and she started crying and I could just tell this wasn't going to end well.  They said I could run her to the bathroom, but HURRY.  So I did.  Of course she couldn't go and she was crying.  (turns out later, I think it was just nerves).  I comforted her, but it was time for her to go on, so we walked backstage (I was carrying her).  Instead of being the forceful Misty I'm known to be, I let some crazy stage woman take my baby from me, screaming and crying and yelling for me, and it broke my heart.  I went and sat down with Eric and told him I didn't think this would be good. 

Insert side note.  This is when I noticed that the dance directly before the 3 year old class was the 'elite company' (i.e. high school girls) and they were dressed in corsets, ruffled practically see through panties, chair dancing and shaking their bums towards the audience.  I was completely appalled.  What trash, and Eric told me that a lot of the 'company' dances were like that.  Even with some of the younger girls!  So since dance recital, I've been searching high and low for another dance studio and letting Cara try out gymnastics classes.  She loves them all, but loves Ms. Kathy more.  Ms. Kathy is why we started going to Becky's Academy of Dance.  Someone at our church referred us to her, she said she is great with the little ones, teaches them manners, respect, and how to act like a lady, and she does!  And she expects lots out of them (which is why Cara spent the first week in time out!), which I do too.  So, after much thought and complaining to my girlfriends, I signed her up for one more year at Becky's with Ms. Kathy.  We'll see how it goes.  The whole year is fine, it's just that one day (the recital) that she has to be around the hoochie dancing.  I guess it's time to teach her there's a time and a place, and though I don't think recital day is it, that's when we have to just love others.  Also, I saw one of the older dancers at our church the next week working VBS!  Goodness, I just don't know what to do with Cara....probably hope she likes sports better, but I don't see that happening at all!  Ok, back to the story....

Sure enough, they walked them out on stage and she was still crying for me, so crazy stage lady ended up holding her on the side of the stage the whole dance.  I was so sad for her, she LOVED that dance.  So I went and met her backstage as soon as they came out the door and took her potty again.  I was misty-eyed for her, but she still didn't need to go to the restroom.  I told her I was sorry that the lady took her from me, and that I didn't care if she danced on stage or not, that she was my beautiful princess and I was proud of her.  I think that was all she needed.  She was ready to get in her tap costume.  Well, not entirely ready, now she was ready to dance on stage in her pretty white dress.  I told her I'd put her back in it for the finale, and, well you'll just have to wait for that....

So we go to the dressing room and get her ready for tap.  (see the face on the left, I was still a little nervous she wouldn't go on again). 
This time, she was still fussing for me, and Ms. Kathy (her wonderful teacher) let me go backstage with them.  They practiced the routine and she was doing great.  Then came time to just wait because intermission was almost over and there were a couple dances before then.  Ms. Kathy let me stay back there with her, and I took some cute pictures of all the girls pretending they were petals on a flower, opening and closing. 

Then, even though crazy stage lady didn't want me too, Ms. Kathy told her to let me and I was able to go right on the side stage with the girls and wait with Cara.  By this time, she was kinda over me, and was chit chatting with her friends, and watching the big girls dance on stage.  More air humping, joyous.  Anyways, Ms. Kathy came back and called them to order, it was almost time.  I asked Cara if she wanted me to watch from the side of the stage, or if I could go sit with Daddy and watch from the front.  She dismissed me, and off I ran to get my seat!  Praying she'd go on! ;)  And on she went....
yeah, that's her front and center shaking her bum bum!

Yay!  I met her right after and she was so proud of herself!

Then she started giving me the attitude poses:

But immediately we had to get back into our pretty white dress because she 'didn't get to dance onstage in it.'  So everyone else stayed in the pink outfit, but we were back to being a princess.  She got a trophy with her name on it (that lasted 24 hours before she dropped it and the ballerina broke off....she still plays with it!):

We went and watched a few dances with Daddy, and he and Nana gave her flowers. 

Then we rushed backstage for the finale.  It basically just brings all the girls out on stage one last time and they all just wave to their parents.  They introduce all the teachers and we clap.  Well, everyone except Cara, she took full advantage of being on stage again in her white dress and stood in the front row and danced the whole time!
When it was done she ran up to me, hugged me, then said she wasn't done dancing yet, so off she went.  I got her to stop long enough to take a picture with Ms. Kathy.

She danced until the song was over.  Ms. Kathy thought it was hilarious. 
Finally, when I told her no more music was coming on to dance to, she walked over to us and took a few pictures. 
Then she danced some more....

Finally, we had to get her off the stage :)

Pictures with Nana and Aunt Amanda
Aunt Bailey
And Mommy and Daddy
She was being quite the ham at this you can tell. 

And where was Micah during all this excitement???  He was napping at my friend's house.  Can you imagine how much drama we would have had if he had been there?? :)

So, the next day was Eric's birthday, and we decided to celebrate a day early so everyone that came for the recital could just go out to eat with us.  Here's Daddy and the kids:

Helping Daddy blow out candles:
And helping him open a few gifts:

After that it was off for a fun family dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

So there was our June 12th.  My my, where does my girl get her drama? ;)

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LV said...

you crack me up with the trash and hoochie comments! LOL!
Do you really think that is how all those girls are on a normal day? Just Saying....

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