Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Funny questions from a 4 year old....even funnier answers from her Dad!

Tonight before bed, Cara wanted to look in her 'big pink book' AKA her first year's scrapbook/baby book.  She loves looking at all the pictures.  She had some great questions/observations tonight!  Daddy was looking at it with her, and I was busy laughing my head off, or trying to video their sweet conversations. 

Cara: "YAY!!  I came out of mommy's tummy!!" (She currently says this to all my friends after they've had their baby, they usually agree!)

Cara: "I want to open some presents! and  Why did they give Mommy so many presents??"  (after looking at pictures of my baby showers)

Cara: "Why is mommy sleeping on the couch?"
Daddy: "Because having you in her tummy makes her really tired!"

Cara: "Why is mommy laying down on the bed wearing that"
Daddy: "Because she was getting ready to have you!"

And the BEST one that got us all rolling (well, except Cara, she was a little confused/disgusted):

Cara: "Daddy, why am I all dirty???" (pictures of right after birth)
Daddy: "Because the inside of Mommy's tummy is dirty."  Wow, Thanks honey! :) hahaha

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