Monday, August 30, 2010

5 days old

Just a quick update before bed.

We took Anna for her doctor visit today.  She was back up to right at 8 pounds.  I forget everything else :).  She checked out perfectly though.  I noticed Saturday she looked a little yellow/jaundiced, so the doctor today sent us for a bili check.  (poor baby screamed the whole time).  The doctor called, and though her levels were a bit elevated, they weren't so that we'd need to do the lights.  So sitting by the window, frequent feeds, and watching her output is what we're doing.  After an amazing first night at home, she had an AWFUL 2nd night.  However, last night was great again.  She woke up every 3-3.5 hours, ate, changed her diaper and she went right back to sleep.  Amazing.  I felt great again today because of it.  We even went to JCPenney and had our normal "same pose for every kid" pictures taken :).  Jenny Wright came over yesterday for an impromptu newborn session, and I can't WAIT to get those pictures back after she edits them!  She said she was working on them today.  Anna was a DOLL during them :).  And Jenny has some cute props!

That's about it.  It was a nice quiet day at home with Daddy.  Tomorrow he's taking a half day in the morning to take Cara to dance class while a friend watches Micah.  I get to snuggle with the girl alone at home!  I need to go to the grocery store, but I may just wait until after he gets home after work, so I can truly rest at home with the baby!  Then, it's back to work daddy!  I did have great news however.  I was checking to see when Cara's preschool meet the teacher was (Wednesday morning) and I saw that school starts THIS friday, not next wednesday like I had thought!!  She's very excited, and now, SO AM I!! 

Also, I got to use my ring sling today and I just LOVE it!!  :)  will post new pics soon!

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