Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12 of a Thankful Month

Today I am thankful for a hubby who still wants to date me, even if I planned the date :).  I kept him in the dark until Thursday night, but I got a living social deal at a hotel in the galleria that included free valet, breakfast and a late checkout.  I worked it out for my mom to watch the kids and my neighbor friends to let the dogs out.  We had a lovely adult only dinner, had the worst, most uncomfortable bed in the history of hotel beds (but that's ok, we lived), slept semi-late, had breakfast, worked out, showered, did a little window shopping, secured outfits for all for our upcoming family photos, and got to talk.  It was wonderful, typically if/when we occasionally have a dinner alone for a quick date night, it's quick, and we catch up on the week and the kids, etc.  This time we had 24 hours and we didn't talk (ok, maybe a TINY bit) about the kids, but really got to date, enjoy each other and have a blast!!  We cracked up the whole weekend, Eric seriously makes this woman laugh!!  It was wonderful.  Thankful for my mom who watched the kids solo too!

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