Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Shopping Cash Back

So, it's "Cyber Monday" tomorrow.  I used to get all into it, well as much as our budget allows, but at this point I'm done with our little bit of shopping.  Now we're dreaming up ways to knock the socks off of some people we may not even know by giving big this season.

However, I did want to give all my readers (ha, all 2 of you?) some great ways to save even more money this season and all throughout the year!  I'm sure you've heard of some of these cash back sites, but I'm here to tell you I've used all 3 and they work!  I've, of course, included my referral links below for each site with a little information.  What I do when I know I'm going to make a purchase online is go to all three, search for the company I'm shopping with, and go with the one with the higher percentage :).

Some ideas of things I buy online all year long that I earn cash back on: Pet meds, razors, checks, vistaprint (hello cheap Christmas cards with cash back), department stores, printer ink, party supplies, photo books, gifts, etc.

So here you go.  #1 Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates
This site has a huge, easily searchable, selection of stores.  I love that they pay you in paypal.  All money earned from this one was easily sent to our adoption fund savings account!


If you love me, you'll click on my link and sign up.  I'm trying to earn some extra money for our adoption, and this is one easy way: by me referring my friends!  This one works just like Mr. Rebates.  I got 20% cash back on my snapfish purchases this weekend, for gifts I was already going to buy!! :)

Shop At Home:
ShopAtHome Banner
This one I sometimes forget about, but they have a current special.  Click on my link and sign up and you'll get $5 free just for doing so!

Happy shopping

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