Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 2 of a Thankful month

I bet you can guess what the next few posts are going to be about! I am completely and utterly in love with each of my precious children, and it's just easy to go in order, so today, I am thankful for my loving first born, Cara.

She and I are alike in many ways, so I got that child "just like me" that my mother prayed for :).

But, she has some amazing qualities that are all her own, and I'm loving learning all of them this year as we home school.

She is very diligent. I can give her a task and know she will complete it.
Here she is taking our 'order' at the Children's museum. She can unload the dishwasher and re-load it by herself. She helps put everyone's clean clothes away and I trust her to complete her chores on her own.

She is a wonderful helper, always offering to serve. Here she is pushing Anna.
She's loves learning. It's so fun to watch her mind work and get to explore what's she's interested in.

She's an amazing big sister. She absolutely adores her little siblings (you know, 96% of the time) :)!

She is our little mommy. She loves to play mommy and daddy or mommy and big brother. She has her baby dolls, they each have a 'bed' (a blanket shes wraps them up in), we pretend all day with them. She picked up this butternut squash at the pumpkin patch and she immediately started holding it and talking to it like a baby!

She's a great leader and such a big girl. We went to the Ballunaar festival at Nasa a couple weeks ago and she did great walking and not complaining (and we walked a LOT).

She's as goofy and fun-loving as they come and I'm blessed to be her mom!

She's my little dancer, she always has a song in her heart!

Sweet sister kisses.

She loves her some princesses :). She's been on an Ariel kick for 2 years now, and it hasn't died down. She has already told me NEXT year (like 2012) she wants to be Ariel in the water (this year she was Ariel on land).

She's a cuddler and a hugger, and she loves her family!!

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