Monday, November 21, 2011

Some days are hard, but still Praising my God

I've kept up my daily thankful posts on facebook, but haven't on the blog.  As much as I love Thanksgiving, and making it a year long outpouring of my gratefulness, this time of year is still hard.  11/18 marked the 12th anniversary of the Aggie bonfire collapse, that killed one of my very best friends, Miranda Adams at age 19.  What a great time we had together growing up, she is a joy in my heart still.  But it is still hard to think of who she would be now, would she have kids? I know she wouldn't, because this was God's plan for her short life, but it still hurts.

Then, my best friend, from the time I was 5 and fell asleep on her shoulder on the way to kindergarten, Trayce's mom had a heart attack last Monday.  She had a stroke Tuesday and was put on life support and was unresponsive.  She left this earth to be greeted by her eternal Father on Friday, 11/18.  Today was her funeral.  It was hard.  Brings back tons of memories of sweet Neva, of when my mom lost her mom (my sweet Mawmaw), of when Eric lost his dad, of the grief, especially trying to deal with it while your kids are also grieving and watching.

So that's where I am.  Still praising Jesus, loving music, His leading in our lives, and the fire he has lit within me.   Excited about seeing my extended family at Thanksgiving.

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