Tuesday, September 23, 2008

34 week update

Just got back from the doctor and all is well. They did the group b strep test. I'm up to a total gain of 9.8 pounds, with 5.5 weeks left!! My blood pressure was normal, 118/68 or something like that. Micah's heart rate was between 130 and 150, he was kicking the whole time they were listening to it. My measuring has gone up though, originaly he said 37 cm, and I was like, I'm getting big! He said you're 34 weeks (and I was 34 cm last appt 2 weeks ago) so he remeasured and said more like 36. I hope that means I'll deliver early :), but who knows. That's about it, no exam until 37 weeks unless I start having 'real' contractions. I've been having more and more braxton hicks, but they don't hurt, just a little tightness, a deep breathe, and their gone. Well, off to work on the bumper pad some more....

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