Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No School!

So Eric just got a call that they do not have school until next Monday morning. Oh how he is doing the happy dance. I'm super excited too, I just wish all this would have happened maybe mid October when I'm 9 months pregnant, and he doesn't have a day off for 6 weeks!! Since we've spent the past few days cleaning up the yard (put the last bag by the street this morning for trash pickup), we're pretty much done. I told him he gets to spend the next few days making my bookshelves that he promised me for my birthday. He has all the wood cut, and has fit it into the place they're going, but now he has to stain/trim/assemble, etc. He also needs to clean out the gutters, and do some small things around the house, but how nice it is to have him home for 10 days straight! I just got used to him being back at work! :)

Just wanted to update. My mom and Darrell are still without power, but they have 2 generators running their fridge/freezers, a window A/C unit they put in their room (Darrell has from the deer lease), and more importantly the tv (and wii!). Ha. Their septic tank wasn't damaged, so they have running water (and a freezing cold pool that Darrell used before the water was working). Kristal and Tommy's house got power back this morning, however they have no running water since their water pump was blown over and are in the process of fixing it. Bailey and Matt got power back Sunday morning, but have no cable and internet (probably won't for awhile). Eric's parents got their power back around 4 on Sunday. They had come over to cool off and eat on Sunday afternoon. We still know of a few friends of ours without power, so please keep them in your prayers. Praise Jesus for this gloriously cool weather. If you don't have power, it makes it much more bearable, and if you do, it makes doing yard work a little less HOT! Hope all is well with you!

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colleen said...

I'm really glad you and your family are safe!

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