Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice Weekend...minus the sick child

Well, Friday night started out with scrapbook night here at my house. There were about 7 of us here and we had a great time talking and scrapbooking (a little bit!). Saturday, we had the morning to ourselves, and Eric figured out how to fix the leak in Cara's bathtub, so he made a couple of trips to home depot. Cara had woke up Friday morning with a runny nose, and I thought, finally, her 2 year molars are coming in. Then Saturday she started a little cough and felt a little warm. I started her on some Mucinex to get all the mucous out. That night Eric's band met the Seven Lakes High School Band at Rhodes Stadium for a pre game tailgate BBQ and then the game. Our friend, Damon Archer--who is the orchestra director at our church--is the head director at SLHS. So Cara and I met Eric up there for some dinner. We tried to go to the game, but Cara was not listening or sitting still, so we headed home at the end of the first quarter. Eric came home that night around 9:45, about 3-4 hours earlier than when he was a HS director (they only stayed through half time), feeling a little bad. I couldn't go to church Sunday because I had to stay home with Cara as she had a fever within 24 hours. Eric woke up and played all three services, and then came home and felt worse. Cara and I had a nice morning at home, she was in such a good mood, which hasn't occured lately, so it was a nice change.

I got ready, and my 3 good friends, Adrienne, Deanna and Jackie came over to see the baby's room and take me to lunch. We all used to work at ConocoPhillips (Dee still does) and we've kept in touch and do lunch every month or so. They decided they needed to spoil me with some gifts and a nice lunch before I pop. It was so nice!! We went to Carino's here in Katy and then came back to my house where Dee had brought her yummy Chocolate Eclair Cake!! They each got me a couple of very cute little boy outfits, and then they went in together and got me 6 bumGenius 3.0 One Size Fits All diapers!!! I was SOOOO excited. These diapers are awesome, they fit newborns, up to Cara's size!! We had a great time and got to catch up. It was the first time we'd gotten together since we had a little going away thing for Adrienne; she moved to San Antonio in mid-August. I truly cherish my special friends. God has blessed me with some great ladies to fellowship and do life with, at church and through other outlets.

In other news, our new BlackBerrys were just delivered. Both of our phones were dead/not working, and since we'd had them over 2 years, we were due for an upgrade. First we went to the AT&T store, and there was only 1 free phone! So, we came home and went online, and got 2 blackberries for $50 total. His was free and mine was $50, not bad. But, now I'm trying to figure out how to get my phone #'s to my phone. They sent us a new SIM card. I know I can put the old one in the new phone to get the numbers, but if I saved any to my phone, I can't get them (since my screen isn't working). SO, if I call you often, and you don't hear from me, call me so I can get your # back in my phone!! Gotta run and take Eric lunch, he's feeling awful and slept in and didn't have time to get lunch. Love to all!

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