Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let there be light!

We were out of power from 6 am - 8 pm tonight. It was hot, but we had no damage. Our neighbors across the street had power, but our side didn't! All of our neighbors had trees down and fences down, and nothing happened to our house. We had Mom, Kristal, Tommy, Hailee Luxton and their 2 dogs here with us. We think Tommy's huge camper and truck parked in front of our house kept a lot of the wind out of our house/yard. Bailey and Matt are ok. They are without power, lost their fence, and have some small leaks in the house, but are hanging in there. Darrell stayed at mom and his house. They lost a little siding (they just got estimates last week because they were going to redo it anyways), lost a bird house, and had some limbs down, and had some lattice gone on the bottom of the pool deck. Everyone is ok however. We feel like new people now that the air is back on. We will keep in touch!

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Jenn said...

So glad you guys are okay. Hugs all around!!!

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