Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cara's back at school

Today is Cara's 3rd day (week) of school. Last week they were closed due to the hurricane. This morning however was different. I talked all the way to school about how she was such a big girl, and she was going to walk right into class and say hi to Mrs. Ellie and Mrs. Cindy. I told her no crying today, she was going to paint and have fun playing with all her friends. And it worked! Of course, Mrs. Ellie tried to take her backpack off her back to put it where it goes, and she said NO! When I walked back by, she was still wearing it, but I walked in, put her nap mat where it goes, told her to give me a kiss and said bye bye and there were no tears!! Yea! I'm a happy mommy today. I'm working on Micah's bumper pad all day, that is my only goal (and to vacuum AGAIN, I swear our dog hair is multiplying, and I just vacuumed 2 days ago). And I have my 34 week checkup at 10:30. I'll reupdate later with Micah's stats.

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Jen Barnes said...

I totally recommend the furminator. It's expensive but, MAN, does it ever cut down on the shedding. We got one for our cat. I *very* hate cat hair, as James would say.


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