Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only 33 (ish) days to go????

Eric and I can't believe how soon our little Micah will be here!!! This fall, since school has started, has just FLOWN by. I'm happy, because I thought as soon as Eric went back to school, and I got huge, it would just drag. We've been slowly getting the room together. We didn't go with a specific theme, just blues/browns and sports accessories. Here's a picture of the blue walls/brown curtains and new letters I bought. I was going to do everything myself, but found these at babies R us and had a coupon and they were the perfect colors! I've already wasted 45 minutes, but for the rest of the day (Cara's at school) I plan on finishing his bumper pad. I also finished her poodle skirt for our Fall Fest at church 2 weeks ago. We tried it all on last night, and she loved it! Although she was more impressed with the white tights (she likes words that rhyme). :)

My next doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, 36 weeks. I'll start going every week after that. I have BH after I eat usually, but not much. I'm not in any pain (except at night, my hips hurt from sleeping on my side for 8 months), which makes me think he won't come early as I had hoped (not early, just like a week or so before halloween). Oh well, we shall see. Well, enough procrastinating, time to go cut 12 rectangles of fabric :).

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