Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quick update

Mom & Darrell got power and cable last night, only to find out that now their A/C is out!! They had siding blown off their house from the storm, and now they are getting an estimate to get it fixed for their insurance company. It all seems to be perfect timing, because they were planning on getting new hardiplank in the next few months anyway. So maybe Ike brought some help to them! Kristal and Tommy got power mid week last week, and got their water pump fixed the next day, so they are back to 'normal.'

I'm knee deep in my new women's bible study, Raising Responsive Children, and it is WORK. It is a lot of 'heart' work throughout the week, but so far it's been very worth it! Learning about who to parent after (the most Perfect Parent, God!) and how to be His child has been eye opening. I'm reading stories I've read hundreds of times in the bible, but they take on so much more meaning when you are looking at them from certain perspectives. Judy Rossi, the author, did a great job on the book so far. Eric and I are still enjoying our foundations class on Wednesday nights, Journey into God's Word, and our small group which meets every other week. We are taking a "Character Tour" (a small group study written by Ed Young Jr.) of Noah, Joshua, Caleb, Hosea, and of course God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Also, since Eric had a week off of work, he had time to work on my built ins. He's got them all stained and poly'ed. Now I've decided however that we are going to paint the bricks that it is going to be in . So now we are getting ready to get the primer and paint, but first we have to clean the bricks. I swear I've been nesting this entire pregnancy, poor Eric. Anyways, that's our quick update. Will write more later.

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