Monday, September 08, 2008

A Crazy Muttering of Rambles....

1. So, I got new insurance, and today see my new doctor for the first time. I have never met him (yes, HIM. I hate male OB/GYNs (no offense) but he's the only would who would take me on my new insurance, this far along in my pregnancy!!), but will today. I have met and talked daily last week on the phone with his office manager and she seems SO sweet and helpful. We go today at 4:30, Eric is going to try to meet us there, we shall see.

2. Lots has happened since the first day of school. Cara started preschool last Tuesday. She fussed a little when I dropped her off, but they said she had a GREAT time that day. She got to paint with red glitter paint (all over her new outfit I just bought her.....good thing it came out!). She is so cute in her little pink backpack, she takes it to school and church and loves it. She is starting to seem like such a big girl!
3. We started having dinner at our church on Wednesday nights with our friends. Then at 6 every other week we have our small group (which started last week) and at 7, we are attending a foundations class, Journey through God's Word. Eric and I are both really enjoying it!! It really teaches you how to easily break down the scripture and get the true meaning from it that God intended for us. Not just what we make up because we don't understand it :).
4. Cara is doing a free trial class at Westwood Gymnastics Thursday afternoon (after nap). I've been wanting her to start it, because she's starting to try to do summer saults, etc and she LOVES to jump! :). I thought it was MUCH more expensive that it is, so we're going to let her give it a shot, and if she likes it, we'll continue on with it.
5. Eric is settling into school. He's not having to work on work stuff 24/7 when he's home. He's enjoying the kids....some of the parents however he could do without :). I've heard that's just junior high parents in general....I guess we'll be them some day.
6. I start my new fall women's bible study on Thursday, "Raising Responsive Kids." I can't wait!! A couple of my friends from church are taking it with me, and the leader is one of our minister's wives, who has scrapbooked with us in the past. I'm really looking forward to it!!
I guess that's it for now. I can't believe I'm already 32 weeks!! This pregnancy is flying (as is the month of September!!). I hope all is well in your life!!

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