Friday, November 14, 2008

Can you read this better?

I changed the font to white, can you read it better? I got lots of complaints about it. Give me to Thanksgiving, and I'll change the whole thing, ok? :)

Today was fun. Micah had a poop explosion. I sat him in his swing for the first time today to get Cara's breakfast all ready. I heard him pooping (he grunts REALLY loud), so I knew it was coming, but when I went to get him up, it was out of the diaper, on him, his clothes and the swing. Fun. I got it all cleaned up, but man I can't wait till he's back in our cloth diapers!!

I went back for my 2nd follow up appointment today with my PCP. First I went for the rash under my arms, then another follow up last week, and he decided I needed to be checked for diabetes! So I had a bunch of blood drawn on Saturday morning, and had to go in for another follow up today. I'm not diabetic, praise the Lord, but he told me 3 things based on my test:
1) I need to drink more water. Ok, if you know me, this is not an issue! I drink about 4-5 GALLONS a day :). So, I was like, ok....
2) I don't eat enough meat. Um, ok.....
3) My cholesterol is REALLY high again. 3 years ago it was 323!! I had it checked last October and I had brought it down to 273--down 50 points with diet and exercise alone. It was still high (supposed to be under 200), but going in the right direction. Then, my old PCP told me to not check it during pregnancy because it always goes up when you're pregnant. I figured he'd check it Saturday when I was getting the blood work done. I had hoped it'd be down again because I'm already 8 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, however, I know my hormones are still raging. Ok, so it's SUPER high. I don't even want to put the number, I'm seriously a heart attack waiting to happen. He told me to lower my fat intake. Granted, at the end of my pregnancy, I didn't watch what I ate as well as I did before, but I'm like, what can I cut out now? Besides M&Ms, my weakness, I know, I've cut out LOTS of the stuff I used to love. So I'm bummed. Kinda disappointed. So please keep me in your prayers, I really need to get this down!

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Valerie Pearson said...

I had a similar issue with chol. readings before and my new PCP said that it can take up to a year for cholesterol levels to balance out post-partum b/c your body is still trying to process all the stuff stored from baby. Hope that makes the appointment news a little easier!

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