Monday, November 17, 2008

I should have taken a nap today! and other random thoughts....

Ok, so you know how you THINK you know what's going to happen, so you prepare for it, and then of course it doesn't?? That's God saying "haha, you THOUGHT you knew my plans for you!" Like last night, Micah was a little cranky, you could tell he was trying to push out a BM for us, but he wasn't getting anywhere. So we thought, UGH gonna be a long night. It was also the first night in 2 weeks I'd decided to put him in double stuffed bum genius' overnight, because the fitted cloth diapers I have just weren't holding up anymore. AND the BG's weren't going to rub his belly button raw anymore now that it's all healed up. So I doubled stuffed like 8 of them, thinking, ugh, he's going to be up all night trying to poop and being cranky. He fed at 8:30, stayed awake for a litle bit with us, then finally quieted down around 9:30. You know when I heard him next? 2:30 the next morning! Woo Hoo. He had done that quite a few times, but not recently. That was a nice surprise!

Then today, Cara went down a little late for her nap and wasn't acting tired (around 1:40), then he didn't go down until almost 2:45, so I thought, I'll just look around online, fold some clothes, I probably won't have time for a nap. Cara (who used to take good 3 hours naps) has been taking shorter (sometimes only 1.5 hour) naps is STILL asleep at 4:15, as is the bitty boy! Man I wish I'd had known that about an hour and a half ago!

Today went well, we hung around the house this morning. I got a shower (getting to be a normal occurence!) when Micah went down for his morning nap (around 9:40) and I let Cara watch an Elmo video. Then we headed off to the doctor because I had a few things I wanted to get Micah checked on. I thought his baby acne might in fact be a is so red and bumpy all over, and has spread down his neck and a little on his shoulders. The doctor says it is just baby acne, but it's a really bad case, so she gave me some cream to put on it. Also wanted to check out his circumcision, it's healed nicely, but there's just one little spot on the bottom that looked weird, wasn't sure if it was vaseline build up or what. Doctor says that part just takes a little longer to heal and it looks great....woo hoo. I don't know!! Then wanted to check with her on if she thought he had diarrhea last night (long story). She said he sounded fine and looked totally healthy. I like Eric's new insurance for the kids, no copays ;).

After that we headed to the mall to get Cara a jacket. I got to use the double stroller for the first time, and it worked great. She got a really cute pink jacket, and pink polka dotted (60% off) rain boots :).

Ok, he's waking up now, gotta run and feed my boy!

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colleen said...

Glad everything is going so well with your kiddos. The white font makes a BIG difference, thank you so much! :) tell Eric I said hi.

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