Monday, November 03, 2008

First night in own room

With Cara we put her in her crib on day 10. We decided to do Micah last night because Eric is going to go to work tomorrow (Tuesday) since Cara will be at preschool all day, and I have to try this thing on my own at some point ;). We thought it might work better if Micah wasn't in our room. This was his 3rd night in a row to eat and go right back to sleep. He's been down since 8:30 last night and fed at 9:30, 12:45, 3:45 and 7. He's still asleep (it's 9 am, we're waiting for him to wake up to eat and start the eat/awake/asleep cycle for the day). We're happy he seems to be so content. I think it's partially us not being nervous since this is our second go round, and we know what to expect. We have pictures scheduled for Wednesday at JC Penney, so I'm super excited. I already have our outfits picked out :). Keep his little finger in your prayers, it looks like he has an infection in it. We think that's why he was so fussy on Friday night. It may have gotten caught in something. We are heading to the doctor today at 2:30 to have it looked at. But besides that, the nursing and cloth diapering is going GREAT.

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