Friday, November 14, 2008

I thought HS football was over!!

:) Haha. Eric's old band (Memorial HS) is currently playing Taylor HS here in Katy for a playoff game and the kids were bombarding his cell phone with texts and calls telling him to come see them. He promised he'd go to a game this year when he left last year, but he never did. So, he left earlier (it was already 3rd quarter) after the kids were in bed to go see his old kiddos. The senior class this year were freshman his first year at Memorial. It's making us feel old!! :)

I haven't posted much about Cara. She's doing great, she loves Baby Micah. She's never said just Micah, although today she did sing 'Micah James...' ;). She LOVES my boppy, and that's been the only real 'issue.' Every time I go to feed him, and use it, she says "Mommy, I NEED the blue pillow/boppy." I have to promise she can have it when I'm done. She's actually napped with it too. Her new thing is saying "I like your _____." Today my friend Jackie came by and watched Cara while I ran to the doctor and she told Jackie "I like your hair, it's so soft" as she pet it. She told Daddy today she liked his chin, and pet his beard :). She's wanting her baby and paci a little more often, so we're letting her have it, but we've already noticed a decrease. When he first came home she wanted it all day long!! :).

Today was a good day. This week was good! Eric was back at work full time starting Tuesday. Micah had his circumcision that day, and Cara was at school that day. Wednesday we made an outing to get stamps and to playgroup. Thursday we stayed home most the day. We did go get a coke at Sonic and take it to daddy at school. And today Cara stayed home but Micah and I went to the doctor. I also got a good nap today!! That was a nice Friday surprise.

Tomorrow morning I hope to make it to get some groceries and a birthday gift for a friend's little girl's party tomorrow. We are on the last roll of TP in our house!! We have been having such yummy dinners delivered 4 days a week, we haven't been making it to the grocery store. Eric's gone a couple times to get milk/fruits/veggies, but we didn't realize how low we were on TP, dog food, etc! Ok, that's enough for my boring Friday night!

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