Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Micah James Newsome is here-this is a long one

I'm in the hospital wi-fi-ing it. I just nursed him and Eric's sister just got here. She just got to hold him and now he's getting his hearing test. Here are his stats:

He was born at 3:51 am, weighing 8 pounds 7.5 ounces (1/2 a pound more than Cara) and 21.25 inches long (she was 19.5). They told me his head circumference, but I can't remember it.

Here's the gory story (not really) if you want to read it, if you don't, X out now! I had been having contractions, and noticed they actually had a little pain to them, unlike last weeks. Around 2, since Cara was asleep I laid down, started a movie and started paying attention to them. They were only like 15 minutes apart, so it was totally bearable. I had TOLD Eric it would happen on Friday because he had his community pep rally that night, our friends Justin and Ashley were coming to stay the night with us from Dallas, and if they weren't, it was gonna be scrapbook night! :) So after having cleaned the house from top to bottom already that day, I waited for Cara to wake up, around 3:30 and we rushed up to Kroger to get some snacks for her and chocolate chips because of course when you're in labor you need to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch for your house guests! We rushed home, and Eric had come home to be with us for about 45 minutes (and I put him to work cleaning the granite!). I was ok, they were getting to be like 10 minutes apart, but still fine. He left and I called J & A to tell them it was good they were coming because we needed a babysitter for tonight just in case :). I think I totally freaked Ashley out. Cara and I then make 17 cookies (it was supposed to yield 4 dozen I guess very tiny ones!). Around 6, my neighbor and his 8 year old daughter Kylie were outside, who Cara LOVES, and since I was having contractions about 8 minutes apart, I figured, I'll let Kylie entertain C outside for awhile. So they played in the front yard and I talked to Scott, then his wife Amanda came home, then our neighbor Stephanie and her 2 year old Aynslee walked over, so we ended up staying out there until 7:15. J & A and Eric shortly followed coming home, and we shipped them to go get dinner at Taco C. We put Cara down around 8:30 and we stayed up talking like we always do when they come. Ashley really didn't like watching me have contractions!! I could tell they were getting stronger and closer (7 minutes), then I went potty, at 11 and I had my 'bloody show.' This jumped them straight to 5-6 minutes apart. I decided I was going to need to rest, so around 12 I hopped in the shower and only had one while showering, and it was a little easier. Then I laid down on my left side, and they had dropped back down to like 12 minutes!! So I got up and walked around and as soon as I'd move or change positions, they'd jump right back up. We left for the hospital at 1, got here around 1:15 (while waiting in the car to have another one because I was NOT going to go in with them 10 minutes apart again even though they were lasting 60 seconds+), only to realize that as soon as I got out of the car and stood up, I'd have one. And then waiting for the security guard to open the door, I'd have one. They checked me into triage and I told Eric before they checked me, if I'm still a 3, then just hook me up to the pitocin and epidural now, because I couldn't have had that pain for 11 hours and still be a 3!!! At 1:30 I was a 5-6, 80% and -1 station. They moved me (slowly) into LD Room 13 (lucky!) and we went to work. They let me stand up, which was how I liked to breathe through them, hanging onto Eric at first, then when they were all of a sudden 60-90 seconds long and only 2-3 mintues apart, I laid on my right side. Of course that is when my legs started shaking a lot in between contractions. I was handling them very well (per the nurses and Eric) trying to lay and relax and breathe, and not tense up. I ended up switching to my left side, and the convulsing got worse. I had her check me just before 3 and I was an 8. My water STILL hadn't broke by this point and about 5 minutes later I was like "I need to push." They checked me again, I was a 9 and I was pushing the next contraction (still laying on my left side) and my water broke. They were coming non-stop (well with the shaking legs that's what it felt like) and I wanted to push now. At this point I still hadn't seen the on call doctor, but the nurses were AWESOME! They were so proud of me for doing it naturally, and I just kept asking questions when I could talk. They checked again and I was a 10 (and already pushing). I was still pushing on my left side, leg hiked in the air because I could not turn over yet (and the doctor wasn't there). I was not pushing very well (long deep breath and long push) and I knew I was psyching myself out because I was grunting. So I started pushing better and they were like, get the doctor in here. He took his time, (and as I found out later) was slow putting on the gloves (at one point they were like breathe through it let him get gloves on) then the first set broke and he had to put on a new pair. I was like I GOTTA PUSH. They were like, can we break the bed down (aka, take bottom off and pull out the stirrups)? I said just do whatever so I can push him out!!! I had about 3 hard pushes after that, ("ring of fire" like from Nemo, but a very bad ring), and then they made me wait through about 2 contractions while the doctor did his thing. It was HARD to wait, but they told me later, had he not stretched me like he did (and made sure the umbilical cord wasn't around his neck) I'd have had a MUCH worse tear. Then I pushed and his head was out. They suctioned and the rest of him just slipped out. I pushed for about 15-20 minutes total (including the water breaking!). As soon as he was out I felt awesome. I still had contractions from pushing out the rest of the stuff, and my legs still shook a little, but I knew the hard part was over and it was awesome. They took him from me, took his vitals in the room and everything and then I got to hold and nurse him for about 30 minutes. I had one slight tear and that was it. I'll finish this later, my best bud trayce just got here. Sorry if it's WAY TMI! :)

PS Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! :)


The Kunards said...

Congrats Misty and Eric! Welcome to the world little one!

Julie P. said...

Congrats!!!! Love the middle name by the way! Asher has it too! We'll see you all when you come up this way! Way to go on the natural part-I could never do it-you rock!

Aims said...

CONGRATS, Misty!!!!! So excited for you and your family. I know you are so happy to have it all over with. Way to go on the natural path!!

LV said...

Congrats!!! he's so cute, and good job to you for going al nutural. That's awesome!

Jenn said...

Okay, I was SO tensed up reading your story - I think I held my breath the whole time! :) Kudos for going natural, girl!!! Hope you're recovering well.

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