Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Baby Girl Update

Still no official name.  Anna is a pretty sure bet I think.  Eric says, "I guess, I have nothing against it...."  :)  Cara and I both refer to her as Anna, so I told him we need to get this set in stone.  At my last appointment, which was 5/21, I was 26 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  I gained 2 pounds that month, for a total net loss of 1 pound.  I truly don't know how I'm still under.  With all that's been going on, I haven't exactly been meal planning and eating completely healthy, but I guess I've just been eating less.  I feel HUGE though, and my doctor said I was measuring 30 weeks.  He didn't seem that concerned.  I asked, "So does this mean I maybe won't go all the way to the end of August??"  Hopeful!  He said, "No, it probably means you'll be a little more miserable."  Great.  Thanks :). 

I did my gestational diabetes test that day, and since I haven't heard back, I'm assuming I've passed.  This pregnancy has just been different.  Most people know I'd like 4 kids.  During my first trimester with this one, if you'd had asked me, I'd had said this is it, we're DONE!  :)  But now I feel much better and as far as I'm concerned (you'll have to ask Eric!), we could still do one more!   Maybe in a few years in a slightly bigger house.  However, I've 'gotten sick' if you know what I mean, this second trimester than ever, the past 10 years of my life, including 2 pregnancies!!  One hospitalization for a random serious stomach bug, and then visited again while mourning Eric's dad.  I also have had another random one or two sick times in there.  As I inch towards my third trimester (2 more days!), I hope that that particular trend stops!

This pregnancy, I could not eat sweets at all in the beginning, which is why though I originally thought it was a girl, I leaned more towards boy.  With Cara I craved sweets.  With Micah I craved SALT and chips.  However, that tide has turned, so give me a big ole bowl of ice cream any night!  With all 3 pregnancies (however it's been worse with Micah and let's just call her "Anna") :), I can't stand chicken.  I can eat an occasional chicken nugget, but try to make me cook chicken, or just look at it too long, and YUCK.  It's getting the same with all meat at this point.  Just watching Eric eat some meat yesterday almost made me get sick.  Which is why I'm not cooking much these days.  Sorry honey! 

I keep telling myself I can do it, but in my head I keep thinking, "How can I possibly go 12 more weeks?"  I feel gigantor and sleeping is already a huge issue (meaning I'm uncomfortable and it doesn't happen that often).  I try to sleep when I can, and when the house is a mess, I just don't freak out like I used to.  That however doesn't pertain to our demolished master bath.  Eric has 12 weeks, or I may just freak out :).

For those that have asked, we don't REALLY need anything for this baby girl.  I have a registry on NurturedFamily.com, my favorite cloth diaper store (because there's a real brick and mortar store here in Houston!).  It's mostly just pink cloth diapers, since I only cloth diapered Cara for 2 months before she potty trained.  And some of my oldest cloth is losing it's elasticity, thus causing leaks around the legs.  I really want a new sling for this baby, so I put 2 on there, I need to go try them out.  I still have my moby wrap, but sometimes a sling is just easier! :)  So there you go, an update on Little Miss.  And soon, now that he's 19 months, I will post Micah's 18 month stats!

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