Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I've been meaning to post this, but haven't yet.  On June 12th, we moved Micah to his big boy bed.  Same one we moved Cara to when she was almost 2.  It was my mom's when she was a teenager and we can make it sit very low to the ground.  He climbs in and out by himself and we have a mesh gate on the side.  We normally wouldn't do it this early, but he is being evicted from his crib come August! :). 

He transitioned pretty well.  He fussed the first few times we laid him in it, but now he just climbs in and tells us bye and night night like he used to in his crib.  He does NOT stay in his bed until we come get him like Cara did.  Oh how I wish he did :).  He comes and knocks on the door until we come.  That stinks because sometimes it wakes up Cara.  The good news is, if it's too early (for us), we can go lay him back in his bed and he'll usually stay there for a good while.  He is just such a sweetie pie!  He's growing up so fast! 

We still have to transition him to the bottom bunk in Cara's room before Anna arrives, and I'm way more nervous about that!  He can climb up the ladder to her top bunk (which still makes me nervous), but he cannot climb down.  AND, he sits so close to the edge of the bed occasionally.  I may have to borrow a video monitor just for my own sanity the first few nights.  That and I have a feeling not as much sleep will be going on in our house when we put them in the same room now that he's mobile :(.  We got Cara a princess flashlight for her birthday, hoping that if it is not wake up time yet (she has a digital clock in her room and isn't allowed out until a certain time unless she needs to use the restroom), that she will stay in her top bunk and play with the light and all her babies she sleeps with.  I better start praying for that now ;).

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