Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Last day of Dance class

I'm trying to get all caught up with pictures!  Tuesday was our last day of dance class!  Next Tuesday is the dress rehearsal in the evening, and then Saturday is our recital!  I can't wait to see Cara all dressed up for that, she has been practicing (it's funny how she could care less about the dances until she got her costumes!) mroe and more and is really getting good.  I have no expectations however for the actual recital.  If it's anything like last year's Preschool Christmas program, she will just stare into the darkness for the whole show! :)

Here is Aynslee, Cara and Ms. Kathy on the last day:

And here are the girls are on the first day:

Here's the first day too, yep, Cara in time out :)

The girls were so tired of practicing for the recital that Ms. Kathy let them re-live an old dance, the Moster Mash from Halloween:

Cara overall had a great year in dance.  Those 12 little girls are the cutest things in their little leotards and tutus.  Cara has said that she wants to do gymnastics next year instead of dance.  I was all for it, but then we got the costumes.  We'll see how she likes the recital before we make our final decision, I just love her all dressed up, and so does she!! :)

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