Thursday, June 03, 2010


So a friend has been emailing me about Micah's birth vs. Cara's, etc and so I was emailing her and answering her questions.  Then I went to my blog (basically my online scrapbook) and looked up Micah's birth story to send her the link.  Then I started reading.  All my posts from after he was born.  Wow it got me excited to meet this new little girl (that and the 3 little girls that have been born by friends the past 5 weeks!).  And I'm having big time nostalgia looking at how tiny he and Cara were.  Look at this little video on this post.  It is SOOO super cute!   And if you have an extra 45 seconds, please go watch this one!!!  Oh when I see Cara then and Micah now, I can hear how much they sound alike.  And I just love her little singing!

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