Thursday, June 03, 2010

Micah Man

Well, he turned 18 months way back on 4/25.  We got him in for a quick appointment as those weeks were crazy, and his stats were:

Height: 32 1/2 inches (59%)
Weight:  27 pounds (67%)
Head Circ:  19.13 inches (73%)

Cara was 30 pounds at 18 months, if that gives you any indication.  He's definitely solid, but not AS heavy.  Thank the Lord because I can barely carry him now!  Of course, I wasn't even pregnant with Micah when Cara was 18 months, so that probably makes a difference.   We recently cut his hair for the 2nd time.  The first time was at Cool Cuts for Kids.  I go there for their first time, but won't pay $17.95 for a cut for a boy anymore than that!  So my friend Valerie and I went to town one day after dance class.  Here's a before (notice the curls/LENGTH!):
And here's the after:
I have gotten so many compliment of how big he looks lately.  I completely agree!!  He has SUCH a vocabulary.  Cara was still signing away at this point.  Micah signs here and there, but he has no need for most of them because he just SPEAKS!  Cara barely spoke more than a few words at this point.  He basically repeats any and all things Eric, Cara, Aynslee or I say. He's my 2nd little chatterbox.  This third one HAS to be quiet, RIGHT? :)
My parents kept the kids back in April for a weekend, and here are some pictures they took.  Micah and Sissy (as he likes to call Cara):

Playing Peek-A-Book under the table with Papa:

Here's our little man, he loves playing (and thrashing and buckling) sissy's stroller!
Well that's our little man update.  All 3 covered.  Maybe the next post I can post about stuff, I've been doing! :)

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