Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Tonight was Cara's dress rehearsal for her dance recital this coming Saturday.  She had such a great time!  It was fun getting her all dolled up.  Here is us prepping and her with her dance friends. 

Hold still, time for hair!

Makeup time:

Posing with Daddy and Mommy before we left
Her and Aysnlee

Waiting to get her ballet costume on, I just love this picture!

A few ballet poses (where does she get this!!) :)

Some friends:

On stage.  She was just a little bit behind everyone else ;)

Tap time!  This costume is so cute, it goes with the Itsy Bitsy Spider dance!

Ready for group picture

On stage

Cuddling with Daddy watching her performances tonight.

You can check out all the fun poses in my flickr album (you have to be my 'friend' to see them). 

She is SOOOO excited for this Saturday (1 pm at Morton Ranch High School here in Katy if you are interested in coming)!  I even let her stay late and watch some of the other girls dances, and she is just in love!  I cannot believe this girl will be 4 in just 12 days, she is growing up much too fast.  It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  We had so much fun today at Party City picking out her birthday balloons, and a tiara for her to wear, of course!   What a blessing God has given us by allowing us to be her parents!

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1 comment:

Colleen said...

Awwww, she's so cute, just like her mommy!!!

haha, I love how you're all "where does she get that from?" b/c I have quite a few pics of you being goofy for the camera, so I'm pretty sure she gets it from you!

Wish I could be there for her recital. If I lived in Houston, I'd totes come!!

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