Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anna update....

So I went to the doctor this afternoon.  I felt a little off all morning. Weird thing is Eric did too.  He's currently laid up in the recliner passed out.  He said he felt bad all day and now his back is killing him.  I'm hoping tonight will be a late night, so I told him to rest up! 

My blood pressure was normal (a little higher than normal for me) 116/72.  I gained 3 pounds.  In 6 days!!  Yeah uhoh, but it could have been the 3 pieces of cheesecake I've had between now and then, hey we were on vacation!!  I'm up a total of 16 pounds (total weight gain I had with Micah).  But I started 9 pounds heavier this time.  (I started the same with C and M).  However, I'm still 3 pounds less than when I gave birth to Cara.  Anyways, Anna has been moving a TON the past day and a half.  I've been sleeping pretty decent (minus potty breaks) until last night.  I was up from about 1-3, then 3:30-5:15 ish.  I was contracting, but not consistently.  I was doing it all morning basically.  With no effort (wasn't walking, etc to keep them going).  But I was contracting in the office.  She went to measure my stomach and said, you know you're having a contraction right.  I said yes, they're very common.  She checked elsewhere and there had been progress since last week.  She seemed to think I'm in VERY early labor, maybe this weekend.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up (and my mom is out of town until 8:30 pm tomorrow!).  However, I've been contracting ever since the apppointment.  It may be because she checked me, but just for good measure, we went and did a lap at the mall.  They're slowing down now, but still doing something.  I've had to pee every 15 minutes since 2 pm.  But I'm lacking other signs of labor that I had with Micah.  So, I think we're still a ways off.  I'm praying it's sometime tomorrow and not sometime 2 weeks from now :).  Anyways, there's the update.  Prayers are requested for God's all-perfect timing! :)

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Tiffany said...

She is going to be here any day!! It cracks me up when I see your late night posts that you are sewing, scrapbooking, etc. Do you ever sleep? You should be resting now while you can!

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