Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nothing Really

I'm up in the middle of the night......again.....which is an every night thing....  You'd think my blog would be totally caught up, but no.  Each night I get sucked into something new to do.  Tonight it was updated our microsoft money and realizing how much we overspend during the summers when Eric is home.  Oh well.  Not complaining, I think we'd have done better (like last summer) if I didn't refuse to cook most nights.  I just can't handle it still :( yuck!  We did however meal plan like 2 weeks ago, and we're still eating on dinners from that plan (you know, because heaven forbid us eat at home 7 days in a row....).  Tomorrow is bible study for me, and work for Eric.  He'll come home and keep going on our bathroom tile.  He and a friend, Tim, started it tonight, and it's looking great.  We feel like we're in the home stretch, but we still have a lot to do.  We did get the bathroom painted, but once the tile is done, there is still installing the toilet, buying/cutting and installing the new counter, putting in the new sink and fixtures, and then doing the same (counter/sink) in the other bathroom.  We'll get it done, but who knows if it's before this baby comes. 

Yeah, I'm 37 weeks, and this baby is coming!  I was weird around 33-35 weeks, I was ready NOW.  As much as I didn't want a preemie, I didn't want to be pregnant anymore.  But, I knew I had to rely on God.  As 36 weeks approached (and I had my last two summer outings planned, yes, I'm crazy, one more still to come this weekend with Eric's family in Galveston), I felt much more at peace and knew we'd be pregnant a little longer.  I've been saying I had about 2-3 weeks left for about 4-5 weeks now :), but now I really believe it.  But, since I hit 36 weeks, I've been having contractions each night after dinner.  I hate to even blog about it, because I feel like if I do, they're more real.  I'm having some now as I type, but I'm the opposite of how I was with Micah.  With Micah I timed almost every contraction, if there were more than 2 or 3.  Now, I don't time anything.  I told my friend that I feel like I'll be in labor 3-4 hours before I even notice it this time :).  Only because the contractions have been so common, and I'm so busy chasing the kids.  I go Friday for my next visit and that's the first 'check.'  I'm not getting my hopes up, because I'm assuming I'm already slightly dilated because of the contractions.  And 'friends' who tell me with their 3rd they were walking around dilated at a 5 for 4 weeks.  Don't 'friends' give you the best advice and encouragement when pregnant?? :)    Hehe.  Especially friends who hated being told how big they were, who now tell me how huge I am, EVERY TIME I SEE THEM.  Haha.  I really don't mind, it just means this baby is getting closer to coming home and that's what I'm excited about.  Not the being mom to 3 and chasing them all around quite yet, but the snuggling that is the first few days at home.  Oh how I can't wait for that.  As I'm sure Bailey can't wait, baby Jack goes home tomorrow after a great rooming in yesterday!  Well, I want to go work on my bible study now.  I'm a little behind in it, but it's been a great study.  A few friends and I have been working through it this summer, and it's been great.  Faithful, Abundant and True, with Kay Arthure, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore.   I promise to blog about all I've of these days or night!  till next time!

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Jen Barnes said...

I hate to say it, but I *WAS* (really really) 4 cm for about 6 weeks, and having contractions 5 minutes apart for about 2-3 solid weeks. When the midwife asked me when I went into labor I had to answer, "A month ago, check my records." and they'd lay me on the table and do a non-stress test and sure enough, the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart every time.

Anyhow. Now I'm one of "those friends" LOL!

I hate to wish it on anyone because I've lived at 42 weeks pregnant and it was NOT FUN, but after talking to several doulas and midwives, the third babies have the longest average gestational period. I hope for your sake that's not true for you!

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