Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, ever since I wrote that last post I've been up every night like this.  However, I was not in such a happy place, so I decided against posting.  I'm officially to the point where I thought I would definitely have her by now.  Like Cara's best bud is getting baptized tomorrow, and I thought for sure, no way, we'd be able to make it because at the very least we'd be in the hospital still (I'm totally glad we get to go, just didn't think we'd be able to!).  And school starts Monday!  Are you kidding me?  Eric is worried, but in my mind, it's a little easier for him to miss because he now has two assistant directors, however, my mom doesn't!  She's actually backing up her team member (and best bud) who is saying goodbye to her grandma way over in Alabama.  What am I going to do?  What's your plan God, because right now it's freaking me out.  I don't want to be a burden to the people I love (and I know it's been insanely annoying me calling each week for about 3 weeks now saying, stay on alert, these aren't going away after 6 hours....only to have them fizzle after I finally decide to call).  And then I get to the point where I'm like, I'm just not going to call, because then no one will be disappointed but me (and Eric) and then I think, "I'm going to wait too long and have this baby here or in the car!"  Good thing we only live a mile from the hospital :).  So those are some of the things running through my mind of late.  Maybe now that I've thrown up on my blog a little they'll go away.

So what am I plugging might you ask??  Well, 2 things.  Tot 2 Tot of course!  In case you missed it in the spring, two friends and I started a business and are having twice a year children's consignment sales in the Katy area!   Our next sale is Saturday, September 18th, and we are so excited to have found a ministry to partner with.  It helps that we all attend Kingsland Baptist, which has SUCH a heart for missions!  The International Justice Mission has been partnering with our church for close to a year now, and it is such a great cause.  You can read more information about KBC's Just Run for a Just Cause (happening the same day as our sale) here.  We also have some new vendor opportunities, and a new seller referral program in place, so please check out our new to us blog here!  Because we changed some things behind the scenes, we'd love for you to help us out.  If you have our button on your blog, could you go grab it again from our new blog?  We are about to delete our old one, and then the button won't work anymore!  For your convenience, here it is.  All you have to do is copy and paste the code below the button into a html portion (side bar, etc) of your blog and voila!

Also, if you would be so kind as to "like" us on facebook (that way all your friends can see it and 'like' us too), we'd really appreciate that as well!  And thirdly, if you're in town, come see all the great items we will have on 9/18!!   

What else am I plugging??  Misty's Blessings!  I was on a sewing kick for a while and got a few non-custom items ready to go (some baby shoes, a crown, which is still customizable, tell me the letter/number/star you'd like on it).  I also have lots of ribbon for pacifier clips (and some already made, check out the site), and those take me no time at all to complete and ship!  I will be taking the custom items off as soon as Anna is born, for at LEAST until Cara gets into preschool, maybe longer.  So, order while you can! :)  I've posted the button code below as well if you have a blog you'd like to post it on.  And you can always like me on facebook as well :). 

And one last thing on plugs.....look what came in the mail yesterday :)

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