Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nothing new

The past two days have been great.  Yesterday was fun spending the day at my sister's house with her and Jack.  He is so cute and it's so fun now that she's in the stay at home mommy club with me!  That, and she realizes it's not all fun, so it's more we can talk about.  I had to go alone because Jack's doctors don't think young children should be around him for 2 months.  Micah doesn't really notice, but Cara is getting sad.  I told her we'd go see him before Micah's birthday (she has no concept of time, everything happened 'last night' even if it was 3 months ago), and that cheered her up :).  Then I got to come home, I actually cooked (!!) and then went to girl's scrapbook night.  It was so much fun, I love my friends! 

Today was a great day!  We woke up late (thanks kids!).  Had breakfast.  Eric took the kids to Home Depot and I folded clothes and talked to my mom for about 30 minutes. We spent the day just around the house.  We cleaned, kept tiling, I sewed (finished 5 pairs of baby shoes and a crown, ready for purchase at MB on etsy if you're so inclined!) :), the kids watched tv and played really well together.  Our friends Kendra, Robert and Levi were in town for a charity event, and they stopped by and we had chick-fil-a for lunch.  They went home, the kids took GREAT naps (which led to more sewing and tiling) and then we just hung around the house.  We had dinner and cleaned, as tonight is guys poker night here at our house.  The kids didn't get in bed before all the guys showed up, so they are currently still awake chatting in their room, not staying in bed.  They slept so late today and so late for naps, that I'm just letting them stay in there.  We'll see when they actually get to bed! 

We have some great friends too.  We are supposed to teach our 3 year old Sunday School class these next two weeks before promotion Sunday (it's a year committment!), but we had 2 friends step up to teach our last two weeks (just in case we had a baby by then).  So we don't have to be at the 8:15 service tomorrow.  We'll wake up and have a little time together before heading to 9:30 church and 11:00 ABF. 

I'm so blessed.  Great family.  Great friends.  My mom in law has called to check on my the past two days.  We're just waiting.  And that's the fun part!  I was induced with Cara, and though that was nice knowing exactly when she was coming, it's so much fun not knowing.  I feel like every day she isn't here, I'm blessed with one more day with just Cara, Micah, Eric and me!  As excited as we are to meet her, we are loving the journey we are on.  God is so good! :)

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