Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goings On

Up again, so I thought I'd post a little about what's been going on here.  Back a couple months ago, I bought Cara 2 90 minute cooking lessons at the Young Chef's academy here in Katy.  They were on groupon, and it was only $15!!  (Sign up if you haven't, they're awesome).  I also bought her friend Jack one for his birthday, and a lot of our friends bought some for their kids as well.  So we recently had our two classes, and Cara LOVED them :).  It made me happy because she used to always help me cook, she loves it!  But recently, I haven't been!!  I feel bad about it, but evenings are the WORST right now for me.  Alas, they're not going hungry, and we have food to eat, so no one's complaining (ok, maybe Eric is) :).  Anyways, here are some pictures from cooking class!
Touching meat....YUCK!
Elizabeth, Catherine, Jack and Cara
Almost 1st in line:
Last day:

Here's Cara in Papa's hat :)
I've also had lots of little boys over playing dress-up, and they're favorite thing to dress up in is Tutus! :)  Micah was SO cute the other day wearing his and dancing.  I got video on my phone, but can't get it to here just yet.  Here's a visual though:

And Cara, Jack and Sam.  See Cara posing?  And Jack was trying to hide the fact he had on a (higher than his waist, think Ace Ventura) tutu on, but I got him!  His Daddy probably won't like this!  Sam chose the on inside out black tutu with the fancy nancy purse :)
We went to Galveston last weekend for Eric's sister Amanda's 16th birthday!  It was a lot of fun hanging with family.  On Saturday Eric's mom's good friend from work, Lori, and her hubby and daughter Avery, 3, came up to join us.  I got NO pictures of them at the actual beach, but they had a lot of fun dancing right before they left.  Avery has the cutest red hair too, and she's so tiny, it looked like she and Micah could have been twins (instead of her being closer in age to Cara!).  She kept calling Cara "Big Girl."  "Big Girl, what's your name again" :)  Of course, then no one wanted to actually pose for a picture at the end.....

Just love this picture of Micah!
The kids looking out the window first thing when they woke up!  Cara says, "It's beautiful here!"

Eric, Micah and Eric's uncle Sparky at the beach EARLY Saturday morning (sorry it's foggy)
Uncle Greg and Cara
Walking to the beach
Eric's Aunt Linda couldn't wait and decided we needed to do birthday festivities for breakfast.  Yes, cake for breakfast, my kids were in heaven.  Here's Uncle Greg and Micah man:
Amanda said she'd die if I posted these pictures on facebook, so hopefully I can post them here! :)
They got her the trick candles, and they were seriously sparking at us before she even started blowing.....
I'd be doing the same thing!
Wants some cake!
Clara and Amanda!
Before this week (Eric's summer band is going on), he was busy doing this.  Almost done!
And I've been sewing a lot.  Getting a few etsy orders and busy making gifts.  Here are a few.  Make sure you 'follow' my Misty's Blessings Blog and here are facebook!! I mean, only if you're my friend and you want to! hehe.
Super Jack cape
Penny's cape and crown:

Baby Shoes!
And one more cute picture of Micah Man.  We found this hat when pulling down baby stuff, he's just the cutest thing! :)
Tomorrow is my 38 week OB appointment.  2:15.  No baby yet.  Not feeling like much is going on.  I was having some good contractions the past couple days, but now nothing.  Oh well, she'll make her appearance on her time!  I really pray it's sooner rather than later, this heat is killing me!!

Oh, and I've been digiscrapping a LOT! :)  Trying to catch up, it's SO.MUCH.FASTER than paper scrapping (though I still like that too!).  Here are just a couple of pages, I made an album on my flickr (and on fb) if you want to see them!
Dance Class costume party last fall:

Micah's 1st birthday party:

Mother's day this year:
One of Jack's baby showers.  Oh, speaking of, Friday I get to go spend some time at Bailey's house with her and Jack!! :)

Ok, sorry this has been so picture heavy, off to try to sleep now! :)
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