Friday, April 10, 2009

Cara is pacifier free tonight!!

We've been talking for awhile, we know it's time for her to give it up at night-time. We didn't want to do a bunch of changes all at one time (we're going to be switching kids to same room this summer), so we decided the sooner the better. So tonight, as she was sitting on the potty before bed, having it in her mouth, and dropped it IN the toilet, I said, sorry, that has to go in the trash, adn it's the last one!! She got very upset, but once we got her snuggled into bed, she was ok. She fussed for a minute, then went to sleep!! We hope it keeps going this well, because last summer when we tried to take it away, some nights would be fine, and some nights she'd cry for an HOUR. So here's praying!

Also, Eric and I (and Cara) were very busy today! We planted a garden, Eric built a chain link gate/fence so the dogs will be blocked into only part of the yard (to keep cleanup easy and let Cara run free in the back yard). I don't have pictures on our digital camera, I really need to get it fixed. So I took some on an old disposable camera, which I'm trying to use up. We took it to the Astros home opener last Monday, and I really want to get the pictures developed!! I have 4 or 5 left to take I think.

We are having a last minute short garage sale tomorrow, here's hoping we sell some stuff!

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Melissa said...

I hope the transition with my little guy goes as well! Like you, we decided to take one thing at a time, so we moved him to his "big boy bed" last night. Breaking the night time pacifier is going to be the HARDEST!

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