Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things....

So, one of my sister's best friend Valerie C (not to be confused with my good friend Valerie P) is a loyal reader (thanks girl!) and is SUPER crafty. I mean seriously, her jewelry looks like stuff you'd spend some REAL money on at a store. The premise of this post is to follow a couple of rules and do a blog meme. I've never understood what meme stood for in the blog world. I guess after 4 years I'm still learning.

So on to the meme...


1. Mention the person who nominated you. Be sure to check out her blog.

2. List six unimportant things that make you happy.

3. Tag six blogs, state the rules and notify them with a small comment on their blog.

So here we go:

1) I love being a mommy. It's not really 'unimportant,' but it does make me truly happy. I was meant to be a wife and mom, and it has literally changed my life. I love reading about parenting, practicing techniques, and being totally informed. I feel that Eric and I make the right decisions for our little family of 4....which leads to #2

2) I LOVE to read. I loved it when I was little, hated it in high school/college, and love it again. I've always been a fiction reader, and have occasionally ventured into nonfiction, via parenting books, breastfeeding/pregnancy books, couple/marriage/Christian books, bible studies, etc. I just love to soak up the information. Reading the past 7 months or so has actually hindered my #3....

3) I love to scrapbook. I started back in 2003. My mother in law introduced it to me and I love sitting around and looking at my old scrapbooks and pictures. I love when friends or family enjoy looking at them too. I was trying to get caught up before Micah was born, and was really getting a lot done last summer, but I haven't done anything now since last August!!

4) I LOVE Eric. He is perfect for me, we enjoy each others company. I love falling asleep with him every night. I love watching him teach our kids things. I love how patient and sweet he is with Cara (and Micah!). I love that I can listen to him and just be enough for him. I love that we agree on so much. I love that he has given up his spending ways so that we can live frugally and allow me to stay home with our kids. Love him!

5) I love breastfeeding. I should probably look into being a lactation consultant or something. I love it, and I love helping others do it. I love when people ask me questions about it (wink!), as if I know more than them! haha. I do have the most fun book about it that my friend Deanna gave me back when I was pregnant with Cara: "So that's what they're for" Hilarious! :)

6) I'll just end with lots of things I love. I love my dogs. I love getting mail. I love making money from very little. I love being frugal. I love planning parties. I love birthdays. I love teaching my kids about Jesus. I love the sweet coos of a 6 month (when did that happen??!?!?!) old and the sweet "I love you mommy" 's of an almost 3 year old. I love my sister and mine and Eric's family. I love my friends from baylor, santa fe, and Katy. I love KBC. I love NewGround. I love trying to grow a garden. I love my husband. I love my kids. I LOVE my God! :)

Ok, 6 blogs I read religiously: To all my friends who aren't on here (because I have about 50 or so I read), it's not personal, I just didn't think you'd do it, you've posted a lot lately, and I wanted to let you all read some blogs that I have discovered and love!)

1. The Happy Housewife. Love her blog, lots of good information on keeping your kids (all 7 of hers) entertained without a tv, she homeschools, she loves God, she makes bread from scratch, she's awesome :)

2. Money Saving Methods. She offers lots of advice on how to make, save, earn money for your family. I don't do all her things she posts, she's just a rockstar!! But a great daily read! And she's made me $2,500 so far, I will always be loyal :)

3. Julie Paquette. Friend who has moved away but we still keep up. I love that she's a mom of 3 under the age of 4, and is completely caught up with her scrapbooks. She takes some amazing pictures, and does even more amazing things with her photo editing software!! :)

4. Dave Jen Barnes. Friend from Baylor. Mommy of 3 little boys, again, amazing photographer. Pro-breastfeeding. She's the one who got me, after 2 years of reading her blog, to switch to cloth diapers and I love it!!! :) She's also very blunt and tells it how it is, which is one of the things I love about her!

5. Kingdom First Mom. Another great daily read, from Dallas! She balances deals with not overspending (read one of her recent posts on not CVSing too seriously). And she has a little 2 week old, he's precious!

6. Money Saving Mom. A GREAT website. She writes so much. She posts deals, she has lots of baking days, where she stocks her fridge (I love those, she gives great recipes. Valerie and I used a Super Power Muffin recipe we got from her website and it is YUMMY!), among tons of other things. She also has a blog!

Enjoy, and go read some good blogs :)


Mrs. C said...

Thank you for the really sweet things you said about me. You are so sweet.

I love all your things. I may have to read that book on breastfeeding when I get to that point. ha I may be coming to you a lot when i get there - I have no idea where to even begin!! I guess that's part of being a mom too though!

Hope all is well!

Julie P. said...

awwww...I feel so special! Thanks for all your nice comments.

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