Monday, April 06, 2009

Randall's Trip

I spent a little more than I had planned (by like $7), but I think I got an awful lot of meat. I plan on doing a once a month cooking day in a few weeks based on Once A Month Mom's April menu. So you stock up when things are on sale in April, and eat frozen meals in May. I know you might comment...where on earth is all your produce. All I bought was carrots and bananas. I have grapes, apples, and broccoli (and an onion) leftover from last week. Also, I bought 2 gallons of milk last week for $1.99/gallon, so I still have over 1 gallon left. The kids and I are going out of town tomorrow through Thursday, so I bought a few convenience items for Eric that I would normally not have purchased if I was going to be home (frozen pizza/lean cuisine), but he'll live ;). Ok here goes:

$.99 lucerne butter
$.99 cream cheese
$2.99 Molasses (for bread machine)
$3.15 instant milk (for bread machine)
$5 --2 Quaker true delights bars
-$2 (had 2 coupons) $1/coupon
$2 Helmann's mayo (coupon from 4/1 Randall's ad)
FREE Vitamin water (on sale for $1 had $1 coupon
$5.97 3 Kleenex
-$1 coupon (50cent doubled)
-$.99 randalls kleenex coupon
$1.49 Lucerne Eggs (coupon from Randall's ad for 18 count--not pictured)
$3-- 5 lunch meat packs (for eric)
$15.30 -- $1.99/lb bone in pork chops
$8.63 $1.17/lb Ham
$6.79 $1.99/lb chicken breast (boneless skinless)
$6.63 $1.99/lb chicken breast (boneless skinless)
$6.39 $1.99/lb chicken breast (boneless skinless)
$6.27 $1.99/lb chicken breast (boneless skinless)

$.75 bananas

$.98 baby carrots
$4 -- 2Lean Cuisines
$3.69 Red Baron Pizza (for eric while out of town)
$3.69 Red Baron Pizza
-$1 off 2 pizzas

-$10 off frozen food from my last trip

-$5 Randall's purchase over $50 from my Entertainment book
Total Spent: $69.02

Total SAVED: $85.25 = 55%!!

It was awesome. I didn't give her my Randall's card until after she rang everything up. Originally my total was $154!! I love it.

I have a (homemade frozen) lasagna in the oven now. We are going to eat at like 3:30 before we go to the Astros game tonight. Smart Misty thawed it thinking we'd be home for dinner and Eric could have leftovers. Good thing I didn't eat lunch yet!

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Can't wait to have you join us! And you will spend a little more this month as you are stocking up but should start seeing a difference next month. Good luck!

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