Monday, April 06, 2009

Totally not pregnant and a bread machine!

Ok, So that last post was a little sketchy. No, I'm not pregnant (that I know of), just can't wait for another one. God has granted me with not remembering labor or the first month or I really can't wait to have another one in His timing. That's the hard part. Waiting to find out when that might be.

Also, one of the reasons I wrote that last post was to tell you I got a bread machine. No, I didn't have that many swagbucks yet, although I have earned close to $50 in gift cards. My mom was visiting my grandparents this weekend and mentioned that I wanted one. Well, they have one that they don't use much anymore, and once my grandma says she'd like to get rid of something (which is NEVER), my grandpa snatches it up and gets rid of it. I was the happy recipient of a lucky trip to Georgetown by my mom. I can't wait to try it out today!

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