Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late Night Update

Yes, it's 4 am here. This post is for you Meredith. For more than one reason. We woke up because of what sounded like hail (and of course thunder), and a little black dog practically sitting on our heads scared silly. So, I go to look outside, and MAN, it seems like any minute the water will be in our back door! Our front door is pretty flooded, but sits higher than the back. One of the gutters in the front looks like it has busted as water is GUSHING over it. Mere--did the back ever flood when you lived here? Eric has done a pretty decent job uncovering about 6 french drains in our back yard, all of which have tree roots throughout them, and none of which actually work! :) Every time it rains like this, the water gets deeper and deeper, and now it's scary! The funny part is, I realized the computer was still on, so I was going to open it and shut it down in case of a power surge. 20 minutes later, here I am. We will see if our gardens we have planted survive this, it has been LOTS of water the past week or two.

So, what to write about? God, but of course. He has been working in our lives. I feel it, and so does Eric. Eric has taken ownership of our family's God time. He has always prayed with Cara before bed, and at dinner (I do it when he's not home throughout the day), but recently he has started helping her learn her bible verse (from the book we got her from Easter), he teaches our small group when it's our turn as a couple, he taught Cara's preschool class on Sunday when we were subbing for some friends (man was that fun and so cute to see Cara play with kids her age that we don't know as well). And Cara is really starting to remember things. We taught on Lazarus, and we colored a page with Mary, Martha, Jesus and Lazarus on it. Later that day we asked Cara about someone (I can't even remember what we were talking about) and instead of answering us correctly, she said, "Lazarus." :) haha.
I'll see if I can get some video of her posted online saying her first verse. It's really cute. I have been blessed with a great group of girls to share all my prayers and what God is doing in my life with. We started a 'women's accountability group a few months ago, and I love it. I have been so blessed!! It has opened me up to new women and their struggles, as well as made me speak up about mine. It has created communication on things I have previously kept to myself. I came home last night from it (it's also great to get out once every two weeks when the kids are in bed and just BE with other women without kiddos) and Eric and I had a great talk!!

In other news, I know NO ONE is going to believe it, but I still haven't had Micah's 6 month pictures taken!! I know. Usually I got THE day (so the 25th of the month), but I refuse to go on the weekends! They are super crowded and it takes forever. So yesterday was busy with the dentist, etc and today is Eric's mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Nana!!), so I need to bake a cake, among other things before tonight. So maybe Wednesday we'll go. This Saturday is Eric's 'spring trip' to Schlitterbahn in Galveston with his 7th and 8th graders. The kids and I get to go, I'm kinda excted!! Not about the whole being in a bathing suit in public thing, but about going to the park. I've never been.

Valerie and my day of cooking was awesome. Eric and Luke took turns wrangling the kids and they all did great. Luke came home and grilled YUMMY burgers for us (although no offense Luke, they don't look near as good as the cheddar butter burgers your wife put together for our freezer, ha!). The Newsomes arrived at the Pearsons house around 8:20 that morning, and after unloading my entire kitchen from the van, we got right to work. Val was a chopping machine. I started two crock pots, then went onto some mixing for baking. Our day wouldn't have gone half as smoothly as it did if my hubby hadn't cut up (some diced, others sliced) an entire 9 pound ham I cooked on Thursday!! We were soooo thankful we didn't have to do that. So far what we've tried has been good (mostly muffins and some homemade ham hot pocket things). I haven't made any of the dinners yet, because some of my deer meat thawed, so I cooked that last night. Plus, we'll be eating at his parents house tonight, so maybe Thursday we'll try a freezer meal. Val and I agreed we aren't claiming success until we eat the food, but man did it go rather smoothly and smell great as we were putting it together!! We were all done cooking at cleaning around 3:15/3:30 ish.

After that we went home and crashed. Oh wait, no, I jumped in the shower, we rushed around, and had chick fil a for dinner (I know, after cooking ALL day!), and headed to church for our ABF's scavenger hunt. Oh the fun we had. 2 of our neighbors probably think we're a little bit crazy for it (we had to get pictures of us with lots of random things, and among all the weird things we had at our house, my neighbors had even more!). Eric ended up with a strip of hair gone for the night (he has since finished that hair cut) and our yard STILL has a strip of grass gone. And now it's flooded, so we'll see when it gets mowed!! I am so thankful for our church and the body of believers we 'do life' with. God blessed us even more than I could have imagined by leading us here.

Oh, a couple of cute things....Cara loves Cinderella. She first saw it when we were up in Dallas and she was sick. Ashley pulled it out and we've been watching it ever since. She has her favorite parts (chapters 12 and 14 when the "birds are singing and the mice are singing") and her not so favorite parts (anything with the cat in it). And we've watched certain parts so often now, it's hilarious, as soon as she sees them (when they are fixing Cinderelly's dress), she asks for her tutu (thanks Erin!!) (and look at those shirley temple curls!!) and puts it on and dances around singing. Man is that a hard thing to get off when all of a sudden she has to go potty! :) haha. She also has recently discovered dress up (it's a good thing since her 3rd birthday party is going to be a tea party....with possibly dress up!), and literally just goes through my closet and pulls things off the hangers. Any cami or tank top she finds is instantly her bra, and has to be covered by another shirt (read: two things ending up in the floor of my closet and not on hangers).

And yes, those are Eric's shoes! :)

We had to explain to her the wedding part. She has always called all the princess movies (ok, she's seen cinderella and little mermaid) their "daddy" when they get married. Which I think is super cute, but we explained how they were getting married, and they were the girls husbands. So now, whenever Cinderella and Prince Charming are on the screen at the end, she's screaming "She's getting married!" I have to get it on film, it's hilarious. AND she thinks her nap mat cover is a wedding dress, because she always asks for it, so she can wear it 'like cinderelly and get married.' I have some cute pictures of her in it, on the camera.
And a couple of Micah Man. This was after a bath, Mommy tried to give him a mohawk...he doesn't have quite enough hair for that yet.
And since I'm a month behind and never posted it, here was his 5 month picture from JC Penney!


Clint and Meredith said...

Yeah post! Although I am a little sorry you were up at 4am! Water always did the same thing when I lived in the house and it was always a little scary! When we were preparing for which ever hurricane that was suppose to hit us and then went more towards the beaumont/Lousiana area a couple of years ago, that area was my biggest concern. I made a barrier to try and keep the water out with cat liter and tarp, and then it never even rained in katy! Your neighbor (the older man, I can't remember his name), told me they had the same problem and ultimatley they riped out the patio and built it up and layed a new one. I am sorry that you have inherited this concern!

I loved the rest of your post. I would like to come to Cara's birthday party and see everyone dressed up! My diapers are suppose to arrive today, I am sure I will call later needing direction! Till then...

Clint and Meredith said...

Oh, and i realize there were A BUNCH of typing/spelling errors, I was just trying to go fast! Sorry!

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