Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lots of Randomness!!

Ok, I have to post things here so I don't forget them when I finally get back around to well as I wanted to share some things I've been reading about.

Ok #1 Micah has been doing awesome with the sweet potatoes. After being on them with no signs of allergies (and sleeping through the night again praise Jesus), we introduced mashed bananas today. He ate them up too. I LOVE this stage. When my baby is trying new things, trusting me fully, smiling at me with food down his chin. I just love me some baby! Can't wait for another one....oops, did I post that too soon?? :)

#2 I'm back in the menu planning/couponing game. Maybe I will post a pic tomorrow of all I got at my stores. I hope to at least. After a detour for an hour and a HALF on the phone tonight catching up with a too close to be so distant friend (man I needed that!), I finally sat down and planned out about 10 days worth of meals. Granted, I'll be out of town 2 nights of those, but Eric said he wanted to cook (we'll see how that goes) and I already have most stuff on hand for what he wants to make. Taxes have kicked my butt this year. Not because they're hard or I have too many (although the Ike casualty loss thing sucked this year), it's because I didn't treat it as a job and set aside specific time each week to work on them, so then I let them consume me any time I was on the computer (which as you can tell is a lot), so I got nothing done and felt like I was wasting time. I have 2 more to finish, and I already have a plan in place for next year.

#3 Here are some random websites I've been perusing and thought some of my readers might find interesting:
Once a month cooking:
Low Fat Recipes:
Balance between Easter (i.e. Celebrating Jesus' resurrection) and the bunny
The Happy Housewife. I love this woman's blog, and she JUST had a baby (4 weeks early). So, in addition to pray for Stellan (man, talk about a rollercoaster!!), pray for sweet baby Cora, who they hope to bring home any day now, and the momma who has 7 kids now, and was almost to the point of needing a blood transfusion a few days ago!

#4 I am just so thankful for my friends. God truly blessed us by letting us settle in Katy, TX. I mean, I love my few high school friends I keep up with, and we LOVE visiting all our college friends up in Dallas and other places. We shared sweet memories growing up with those friends. But now, I have the privilege of raising my babies with God-fearing, church loving, cloth diapering (yea for a new convert! haha), baby making (not thinking I'm crazy for wanting 4+--ok, well some do), genuinely prayerful friends. I've met them through NewGround, women's bible study, playgroup, my new women's accountability group. I am surrounded by women (and men) who I can't wait for my daughter and son to look back on and remember the great time in their life when we all hung out together. I know it's crazy when you get 30 couples together with 60+ kids to watch the superbowl, or to have yet another pot-luck going away party. But I L.O.V.E. it. I love watching Cara know her friends and look forward to seeing them numerous times a week. I love it when we look at pictures and she names people like Hailee, Heidi, Sterling, & Hailee's Daddy. Or Jack, Sam, Balerie (for Valerie) and Jack's Daddy ;) It used to be Balerie's daddy, she finaly figured out it's actually Jack's. Or Kaeli, Avery, Bryan and Kaeli's mommy :) She can only remember one parental figure's name I guess.

Ok, this was totally random, but wanted to remember that today was the day we started bananas :)


Clint and Meredith said...

I am confused...are you saying that you are pregnant or just alluding to the fact you all are headed to #3?

Misty said...

Noooo...definitely not pregnant...that I know of. Just most people think I'm a little crazy for already (like 3 months ago) wanting another one ;)

The White Family said...

You made me cry! We miss you all (and New Ground) soooooo much. Give everyone a big hug for us.

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