Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Easter to all! Eric is currently at church playing in his 4th out of 5 services. We went last night at 5pm, and Pastor Alex preached a great sermon! It was all about biblical HOPE! 1 Peter 1 is a great chapter to read about our living hope. Not in something, but in someone - Jesus Christ!! And oh how I love that Chris Tomlin song "I Will Rise." We had our new worship minister in view of call leading worship last night, and this was one of the songs he picked for us to sing. Yep, that was a YES vote from Misty! :)

Cara has been pacifier free for 2 days now, and it was a smooth transition. I think now that we can reason with her, and she knows she's a big girl, everything seems to be going nicely. Hopefully it will continue. This morning I woke up with Cara and we looked in our easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy. We got her some chocolate (always my fave growing up) and a "My First Bible Verses" book, that helps, with hand motions, teach bible verses. I got it at Mardels, which just opened in Katy. I have to not visit that store too many times, or my blow money will all go there!! :)

We just boiled some eggs, and are going to color 8 of them as soon as Daddy gets home. We have never done it before (either with Cara or, in the 8 years--almost--that we've been married!). This post is littered with pictures from last night at home and church (and this morning). Enjoy!

Oooh, and my reason for posting, if anyone has any recipes to use (8) hard boiled eggs in something besides egg salad, please email me or leave a comment. Thanks!!
Oh, and we can't forget Micah man and his Easter basket. It has his very first BPA free sippy cup ready to use!! :) and some chocolate for mommy! haha.

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Valerie Cesari said...

Too cute Misty!!

Thanks for that Pesto recipe. I will have to try it. Like I said, I've been dying to try one.

I got hooked due to this turkey sandwich at HEB's Central market thing. Tony and I sometimes get a sandwich and split it when we go to the store late on Sundays. It has a pesto sauce on it!

I've also had it at restaurants and it's fabulous! Thanks!!

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