Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It feels like forever...followed by HALLELUIA!

Whoa oh oh oh. Ok, that's a song, but even though I posted 2 days ago, it feels like I haven't really been on my blog in a long time. And the reason for that is last minute tax season JUNK. Usually I'm done far before 4/15. This year....4/14 at 9:30 pm. NEVER AGAIN. Thanks IKE for all the fun memories. Ok, I'm just so happy it's over. I gained a few clients, made some extra money, and now, onto some more fun Easter memories. These pictures--some are in order and some aren't--and I'm too lazy to move them, so here you go:
After Eric got home from playing in the 3 services on Sunday, we dyed some camo eggs. I actually don't have a pic of them when we were finished, but they were cute. They are actually still sitting on my counter....guess I could take a pic. Once eggs are hard boiled do they have to be refridgerated? I should probably throw them out...huh?

Daddy helping Cara.....so sweet. I'd put the pictures of Cara and I and Micah and I (english?) on here, but I had a bit of a cleavage issue.....so no blog photo op for mommy.

This is a random picture from today of Micah's first time in the jumpy thing. He's such a cutie. I also got a couple pics tonight of his momma made mohawk. Will share later.

After naps on Easter, we went to Eric's parents house for dinner and an egg hunt. It was such gorgeous weather after the t-storms in the morning. I got a few quick cute pics of the kids. Micah has been practicing sitting up on his own for a week or so...

Oh, and Cara saw all Nana's stamps (she sells Stamping Up) and wanted to do it, so we have yet another future crafter in our midst!! :) (PS, if you're in NewGround and reading this....scrapbook night is this friday at my house!)

More cute pics of the kids.

Cara ready to go find some eggs.

She was putting grass on his head, and he thought it was HILARIOUS! :)

The kids with Nana and Grandad. And the Eggs. We can't go anywhere without them.....except mommy hid them overnight last night and now she can't find them ;)

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