Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coveting your prayers

Things are going on in our house. Cara has the start of a UTI. My dog is on meds...ugh...more on that later. But, I am coveting your prayers for 2 families. One, for baby Stellan. If you read my blog, you know who I'm talking about. Cara and I are sporting the Orange today for him. Although, just in dropping her at preschool 3 people commenting on how cute we are for matching...um....ok. He's in heart surgery right now!!
Also, pray for my friend Audrey, who lost her 2 step-sons 2 days ago in a car wreck. Her husband is away dealing with the deaths and funeral arrangements, and I'm sure she feels helpless because she can't travel (3rd trimester with 2 littles at home). Just please lift up a prayer today! There is power in God!!

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