Monday, June 27, 2011

3rd Cousins?

My 2nd (?) cousin Erin and her 2 boys Garrett and Braden drove down from College Station to visit on Friday. Can you believe we met via facebook? My dad's cousin Nancie 'introduced' us on facebook. We are the oldest girls for both of our biological fathers and we have a lot in common. She drove down to donate a bunch of items for our garage sale, learn some tips about blogger (and she taught me about Picasa) and we got to chit chat and let the kids play all day. Can you believe she let Eric and I stay at her house (while she was out of town) for the bonfire 10 year anniversary without ever meeting me?
We've really hit it off and I'm so glad we know each other now. Her little sister Linsey is pretty cool too :). And Linsey just got married in April to Erin's husband's little brother--how fun is that?? Can't wait to see if her babies look just like Erins. We didn't take pictures until they were getting ready to leave. Garrett (the dark haired one) and Cara are only 2 months apart. Braden (the blonde) is 7. Both boys were in awe of Eric's 'cool car.' :)

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