Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poor little man and a few books

I could tell Micah wasn't himself.  Yesterday at a friends house, he wanted to lay on me instead of play and he felt slightly warm.  Then this morning he woke up running a fever.  His nose has been running the past week or so, but it's been all clear.  He had started a cough.  Eric took him to the doctor today while I started my new book study at church (looking forward to it, it looks like it's going to be so good--more on that...) and sure enough, he has an ear infection and bronchitis.  That may sound HUGE, but it doesn't scare me.  My poor kids with my poor lungs.  If they even think about having a runny nose, they get bronchitis.  So, we're on an antibiotic and the nebulizer.  Anna is getting over her double ear infection (which took me a few days to figure out that was the issue instead of just teething).  She is a much happier camper these days now that we figured that out.  

I've been reading a few books lately and thought I'd share them with you.  The book I started today for my new book study at church is by Tim Kimmel: Raising Kids for True Greatness.  

I can't wait to dig into these chapters.  This is such a struggle for me.  Wanting my kids to be successful by the world's standards vs. seeking after God's plan for their life.  Not my own. Super excited to read this and to discuss it each week with the women at church.

Before that I read this book with a friend.  Lysa TerKeurst: Made to Crave.  You might recognize her name, she's the president of Proverbs 31 ministries.  It's a super quick read and it will change your LIFE!

Since reading it, starting working out and watching what I eat (using My Fitness Pal) around June 1st I've lost 7.5 pounds.  The book just really makes sense and changes how you see food, what you crave, and your relationship with God.

Also on my bedside table is this book.  R. C. Sproul Jr.: When You Rise Up.  I've only read the first couple of chapters, and I'm still getting into it.  I borrowed it from a friend and it seems to have a good message so far.

A month or two ago I finished this book, David Goetz: Death By Suburb.  I enjoyed it, it was a super easy read, very conversational, but I wish he would have gone deeper.  Most of the 'keeping up with the Jones'" issues he has, or thinks America has, I don't necessarily deal with (that's what happens when you set a budget and stick with it....for the most part).  But, he has some great ideas and suggestions for bringing it back to scripture.

Those are just my thoughts :).  We had our homestudy today and it went well.  Thank you all for praying, we felt them!
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