Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Micah Man

Our sweet man probably doesn't get equal time on this blog.  He's not in anything yet.  He's not the baby anymore.  But he is still my cuddle bug.  And boy has he started showing his 'boy-ness' more and more!  From wanting to fight/wrestle, to turning everything, including barbie hairbrushes, into guns, he thinks he is fearless!  He loves to play 'racing' with sissy (aka running SUPER FAST around the house), as well as dance along side her.  He REALLY likes to be loud with her tap shoes.  He's also the sweetest thing to Anna.  If she's fussing (which she's been doing lately thanks to a double ear infection), he goes over and whispers to her.  It's the cutest thing!  We are in the midst of potty training.  Some days are great, others are so-so, but he definitely gets it this time.  I think it's the red-headed stubbornness that is our problem some days :).   He hasn't taken swim lessons yet, but he LOVES the water.  We are spoiled, my mom and Eric's mom both have a pool, so the kids get to swim a LOT.  Micah loves being thrown, so when daddy and Uncle Greg get involved, he has an absolute blast!  Here he is over Easter.  

Jumping to Daddy
Daddy holding him up

Sweet big and little brother after his hair cut
His 'long hair hippy' look (per Darrell)
Finding an egg
He's done with pictures.....
Breakfast one morning ;)
My goofy boy
Dyeing some eggs
I just love this picture of him at Cara's easter egg hunt at preschool.
Posing after dance class one day, truck in hand :)
his sweet smile!
At Eric's cousin's wedding....

And our crazy little family on Easter :) 

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