Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cara's Dance Recital

Cara had this year's dance recital this afternoon.  She did her ballet dance to "Hold Me in Your Love," and her tap dance to "Rockin' Robin."  They were both precious.  It's amazing how much she's progressed in a year.  We are SOOOO going to miss Ms. Kathy next year.  She was so loving and kind to the girls, but also got the job done.  Out of all the 'little' girls, her classes were by far the most well prepared, at least in my opinion! :)  And the girls had a great time dancing!  Here are some pictures:
Nana & Cara
Aunt Amanda & Anna
My little ballerina
Coloring before she went on stage
Ready to go!
On stage

Last pose

She was being silly
Ready to go!
On stage

Ms. Kathy and her daughter with Cara
On stage for the finale
Daddy giving his girl flowers!

The last time she WANTED to smile.  She got in a weird mood (she was very hungry) after this :)
With Yaya

Us 3

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