Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Next step and dance steps

So we finished our application packet and Doctrinal statement and Christian questionnaire for our agency, Lifeline, last night.  We had decided that once Eric was out of school, we'd start the application process.  We sat down last night, assuming we'd work a little each night and submit by Friday.  But, we just kept on going and finished it last night!  Woohoo.  It felt like a weight lifted immediately.  Obedience is powerful and truly fulfilling.  I am just over the moon excited it's a bit hard to contain :).  

We submitted our application payment and already received word back that they received it and our social worker should be contacting us this week.  We are looking into homestudy agencies and I've began downloading a few grant applications.  So that's where we are.  

In other news, Cara had her dance dress rehearsal tonight.  It's so fun to watch how she's grown over the past year.  She really enjoys it, and we couldn't help but love Ms. Kathy (she teaches 3s and 4s only at Becky's Academy here in Katy.  I'd recommend her to anyone!) and be sad it's her last year as Cara's teacher at the same time!  Enjoy these pics of my sassy girl.
All my babies before dress rehesarsal
Cara ready to go!
My little ballerina
End of performance pose
Some mid-dance poses:

Her tap costume for Rockin' Robin
Standing in line waiting for her group picture, striking a pose! :)
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Tasha Via said...

Congratulations on the beginning!!!

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