Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Breaking News....literally

Micah's first tooth broke through today!!

Let me give you a quick recap of our week since last Tuesday. Cara woke up fine. By nap time...102 fever. Took to doctor: bronchitis and RAD (reactive airway disease...aka, too young to diagnose with asthma). Micah woke up Wednesday fine. After first nap, 100.0. Gave motrin, within an hour at doctor, was at 102! Also bronchitis. Guaranteed me it wasn't contagious (as we were visiting a 4 week old thurs-sunday!). Both kids on antibiotics, Cara has to do inhaler 3 x a day for 5 days, and eye drops, because C always gets goop in her eye when she's sick, and M ended up getting it to, so glad we had it. Anyways, C was fever free by Thursday night, but M's kept persisting. It'd go down to 99.6, then back up to 101 yesterday. Today, day 8, I took him back to the doctor. Double ear infection. FUN. Poor kid. If it weren't for the fever, you'd never know he felt bad (until he lays down for bed, I think it hurts worse then). But, I think the persistent fever was possibly related to that little pearl that broke through sometime today! It wasn't there this morning, and tonight, when he bit me and it hurt a little more than normal, I felt around and sure enough, he had a tooth. It's his central incisor, on his right side on the bottom. I can't wait to take pictures ;).

Speaking of pictures, I got Cara's 3 year photos, and our red, white, and blue family photos, and OH.MY.GOSH, they are so precious. Here's a teaser....only one that would scan before our printer started driving me crazy last night and I gave up :).

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