Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raking in the deals!

So, I'm sorry I have been horrible posting on family lately. It's just so hard to dig through the pictures, when I could just post deals and have it be easy! So, I promise that sometime next week I'll do Cara's 3rd birthday party post ;). Only 5 weeks late!

Great news, I should be getting my $1,500 check from my 3rd online offer I completely in 4 weeks!! Yea, I qualified, did my 2 months waiting, sent in all my information and got word yesterday I've been approved!! :) Yea! I put it in the budget for either August or September, so it couldn't come at a better time!! If you haven't checked out Carrie's webpage, DO IT. Once this comes in, we will have made $2,500 from spending maybe 6 hours time!!

Second, who would like a free $20?? I know, it doesn't sound like much, but since the beginning of this year, and doing quite a few bank offers, I've made $375, not bad for a couple of clicks!! Here are the details:

I now have a savings account there. Here are the details how you can get $20 for signing up, then $20 for every friend you refer:
Open a new eMoney Market Account ( cannot have been a past customer )
Minimum opening deposit of $100
No minimum balance requirement in account
No monthly fees
Must open account within 30 days of receiving the welcome invite email
Up to 1.87% interest on your account currently
$20 Bonus will be deposited within 30 days of meeting requirements
Click Here to receive your invite for the free $20


Melissa said...

I signed up under you. Did you already get your $20? Can I set up a separate account and "refer" my husband and both of us get the $20? I know you can do that with ING, but wasn't sure if it's the same with this bank.

The White Family said...

Really wish you could get back to the family posts. I'm not real interested in the deals. Maybe I would be if I could actually use them! Miss you!!

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