Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sewing projects--frugal dresses and gifts :)

Ok, I just wanted to do this quick post to show pictures of what I've been doing the past 2 days. Bailey came up yesterday and since we really want to do a t-shirt quilt (or 4), but neither of us have ever done one, we decided to start small. While we were up in Dallas this weekend (more on that to come in a future post), my friend Jen had made and sent our friends Justin and Ashley this adorable baby doll quilt. So on our way home on Sunday, I text/emailed/harassed her and said, TELL ME HOW YOU DID THAT! :) Besides it being a great gift idea for little girls, it's a teeny tiny way to try all the quilting steps!! So she sent me this link for a sew-along! Great, another blog to read....oh well! So I sat and looked at it Monday evening while the kids were in bed. And I linked off it to other things and other things and now my mind is racing with all the things I want to try to sew!! I mean, why did I put my sewing machine up after I made the cute superman/batman capes??? Making them reminded me how much I like sewing, and how much better at it I am now than a couple years ago! :)

Ok, so we went to a few stores (with a few coupons) :) and got some essentials. Rotary cutter and mat, some fat quarters for each of our baby doll quilts (which, hers is going to be a puppy blanket for her 3.5 pound toy yorkie!). Let me start by saying, Bailey has never sewn!! :) She tried wasn't pretty :). So, we started by ironing. I started, then got bored and she finished. I started cutting the squares, then got bored and she finished (see a trend) :). Anyways, she did however bring up this brown bag that she wanted to add ribbon to. So I did that while she finished cutting, and of course I took a picture, because I was so stinking proud of myself! I've never done anything like that, on my machine, that turned out that well!!
Anyways, since Bailey doesn't have a machine at her house, we started on her quilt. We layed out both of ours, then she started piecing hers together. I went over the VERY basics on how to use the machine, and later she said, "this is the day your taught your sister how to sew." Haha, I didn't really think I did much, but she was doing great!! Here's Bailey hard at work:
Here's her top part pieced together.
I started once she left, and it was so much fun!! Here's my top part pieced together. As you can see in the picture from my last post, I hand embroidered a name on it. It was my first time doing that. And it's not so great, but if you don't look close it's ok :). I've got it all ready to do the machine quilting part, which I'm petrified of!! I've been looking at tutorials online, but I'm just not ready to jump in.

But I wanted to keep sewing, so what did I do?? I went to Katy Christian Ministries resale shop tonight and found two cute pillow cases for $.50 each. I came home and made this:
I used this and this and this tutorial. Eric helped pick out the fabric for the ties. He wanted me to tell you that on the blog...haha. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first time. Not a bad little dress for $.50. I had everything else already at home (the ribbon was scrapbook supplies, the ties were leftover scraps of fabric from the quilt, and I already had the elastic!).
I promise to post pictures of Cara'a party, the Dallas weekend, and other things asap! And I will post a separate post in just a few minutes about Micah Man!! :)


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

You do such lovely work~

Beaver said...

Makes me want to get out my sewing machine. I haven't made anything since that little red polka dot dress. Not that I haven't had my hands full... :) Your work is beautiful.

Mrs. C said...

Oh I LOVE Bailey's bag! I have the same one in red. I wish I could make it cute before vacation!

The quilts look great! I wish I knew how to sew!

Jen Barnes said...

Yay! Way to go! ... as for the quilting, grab 2 pieces of scrap fabric (rather largish?) and some batting and practice on it first.

Here's some encouragement: handmadebyalissa I can't wait to see the finished project!

The pillowcase dress is TOO CUTE! I'm over here chanting "Go, Misty, go Misty!"

Misty said...

Val--you need to take a day off and come up here one time with bailey..I could teach you the basics ;).

Thanks everyone, I was so proud :)

Touching said...

("Touching" is "Touching India With The Love of Jesus") What a beautiful Blog. I have not yet done much looking at blogs - we serve South Asia, and I was searching for ways to make small fabric pieces into kids clothes--found you searching "sew dresses scraps children" -- we had several sewing miracles lately -- the latest a store owner gave me bags of bolt ends and scraps (about 36" by 11 to 14" -- he had saved them he said he didn't know why, just couldn't keep throwing them out. I had gone around the city near us looking for inexpensive fabric to start sewing clothes for slum kids and making quilts for the kids at the childrens home/orphanage. In addition to cotton he gave lots of crepe, silk, voile in these sizes. He will be saving them for us from now on. Any ideas on dresses with tiered skirts etc. to mix and match them? There are no sewing stores or patterns here!!!(we are at if you want to see--I am trying to do the site myself -- pray it comes out as nice as your blogs!!!)

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