Saturday, July 25, 2009

Micah is 9 months!

This is a late night quick post. Just wanted to say Micah is 9 months old today!! (and Happy Birthday to my friend Ashley!!) ;) We took a QUICK trip to Dallas. Drove up last night, drove back tonight. Cara stayed at my parents and we took Micah man. He did great. Between 8 months and 9 months he got 2 teeth and started crawling. He is starting to understand the signs we are using with him. Occasionally it'll look like he signs eat or milk, or momma or daddy. He can say mamamamama now and it's Definitely for me, and dadadad and it's for Eric. And tonight he somewhat signed it as he was talking to me. I absolutely love this stage. The crawling hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be!! :) Cara never crawled in this house, she was walking by the time we moved here. I have some really cute video and pictures, I will post soon, but I need to get to bed so I can make it to church tomorrow!

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